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The Reciprocal System as applied to astronomy, describing the origin and evolution of stars, globular clusters and galaxies. Describes the origin and the structure of quasars, pulsars and neutron stars, and other gravity-intense phenomena.

The Neglected Facts of Science deals entirely with observable facts, the necessary consequences of those facts (without introducing any theoretical ideas or concepts) and is essentially a report of a series of experimental discoveries in light of the Reciprocal System of theory.

This volume clarifies the general gravitational law and also furnishes an explanation for each of the characteristics of gravitation, including the two items which Newton made no attempt to determine the origin of the gravitational force and the mechanism whereby this force is exerted.

An examination of the accepted structure of the atom, the problems and advances it represents, and a complete re-evaluation of the theory based on the natural conclusions concerning the nature of motion from the Reciprocal System of theory.

The application of physical science to a solution of the unemployment problem. Larson identifies the true case of unemployment and finds a huge reservoir of fully self-supporting jobs that can be utilized to provide continuous employment on a guaranteed basis and without cost to the taxpayers.

Volume I of the revised edition of the Structure of the Physical Universe.

Covers the basic postulates of the Reciprocal System of theory, reference systems, radiation, gravitation, superluminal velocities, atoms, sub-atomic particles, the origin of physical constants, cosmic ray decay, simple and complex chemical compounds and the groundwork for future research.

Quaternion Organon -- A Journey of One Eternal Round

A fictional novel, but with careful footnotes and references. One purpose was to help bring Larson’s Reciprocal System to a popular audience. Covers a broad spectrum from science to metaphysics. A brief history of theoretical physics is included in the appendix that will make the reader hungry for a better explanation.

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  • Basic Properties of Matter
  • The Expanded SPU Notes
  • Fundamentals of Scalar Motion
  • Structure of the Physical Universe
  • The Road to Permanent Prosperity
  • New Light on Space and Time
  • Towards a Unified Cosmological Physics
  • The Collected Writings of KVK Nehru on the Reciprocal System of theory
  • Beyond Space and Time

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