The Universe of Motion in the 21st Century

Hi everyone,

Due to lots of reasons, there hasn't been an annual meeting of ISUS for several years. I, for one, think this is not good.

If we determined to hold one in SLC, and it could be attended virtually, I would be willing to help make it happen.

There is a technology company called Shindig, at, that has contacted me regarding using their technology (free of charge), to convene the meeting virtually, maybe sometime in February, 2013. 

The only catch is that there be a substantial number of "attendees." As I understand it, if we were able to get on the upper-side of 30-50 participants, that would make them happy.

Their requirements are essentially an event title, description, date, and time.

To get that many participants would require a broad range of presentations that appeal to a broad range of interests. An initial list of topics might be:

1) Key Note Address

2) Brief Survey of Ongoing Reciprocal System Research
3) Presentation of Progress and Issues

  • RS2
  • LRC
  • Transpower

4) Invited Papers

5) President's Address

A tentative title of the event could be: The Universe of Motion in the 21st Century

Please feel free to comment/suggest/volunteer, etc.

Time is short, so spread the word and let's see if we can bring back some of the old-time excitement, before we start losing the old-timers.

There are lots of new, young people seeking answers. We need to engage them.